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✌️ Appreciator of classical liberalism and capitalism ❄️ Alaskan living in Vegas 🌵 Ambassador of Owner of Cuddles by Bree Las Vegas

**Please do not subscribe to me for the sake of it. I won't sub back and it's annoying not knowing who actually likes my art.** I'm an art student in New York, majoring in Illustration. Aspiring fiction writer and mixed martial artist. This is my base of operations: I upload much more regularly over on Instagram, so follow me there if you aren't already banned from Zucc's empire. I'm also a center-left, atheist, anti-pc political commentator. The Ideological Way: I believe in our constitution, civil debate, but most importantly having fun without infringing on other's civil liberties. Please consider following if you like my posts!

A news and commentary paper that is based in Central Florida; we cover Bitcoin, crypto, and space-related news. We also cover global politics, economics, and liberty related news with a looser feel! Bringing social journalism to the mainstream! Support us by Wiring us Minds and visiting our Blog! ✯°Follow Our Social Media Pages°✯ Steemit Gab Facebook

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Elyaqim Mosheh Adam (אליקים משה אדם) ❧ Language, linguistics, wordplay, the public domain, free and open culture, free speech, action and adventure fiction, speculative fiction, mythology and legend, Near Eastern and Afro‐Asiatic culture, world culture and exotica, homoeroticism, centrism, anti‐authoritarianism, anti‐extremism. ❧ Gay, libertarian‐leaning classic liberal with some center‐right conservative views; untrained amateur folklorist, mythologist and public‐domain literato; digital antiquarian; Humanistic Jewish–New Yorker. 🇺🇸✡🏳️‍🌈😘 The fascists of today call themselves anti‐fascist.

The "Poorman Photographer". A free range human living in the Greater American Southwest. East Coast escapee, college dropout, incorrigible nonconformist. Stop by and say hi!

Daryl Davis
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Race Reconciliator

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Award Winning Journalist and Technologist Making Documentaries, VR, Drones, Immersion Storytelling, and Live Video | [email protected]

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