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stolen by faerie; artist; forager; folklore lover; EXO Travel - Distinctive Tailored tours of Asia. EXO Travel has been crafting unforgettable tours of Asia for more than 20 years. Roused by the life changing vistas, beguiling societies, and lively urban areas of Asia, EXO's vision has dependably been to enable others to find the equivalent 'enchantment of Asia' that started our adventure somewhere in the range of two decades prior.

Catholic convert trying to navigate a self destructing society // future composer trying to figure out how to bring value to the world. if there's a place that needs music to be enlightened, trust that's where I'll be

O C C U L T / C U L T U R E Art, Archaeology, Astrotheology, Culture, Esoterica, History, Mythology, Occult, Science “To hide things is the glory of God, to find them is the glory of Man." Twitter:

Beside sharing knowledge of crypto currency, airdrops experience. I also share a lot of amazing photos that I took or collected in the internet. I hope that you will love them. Welcome to my channel ! Pls Subscribe me !

Those who say there are no snakes in Ireland have yet to encounter me in the wild. On a serious note, I like criticising and mocking PC culture and social justice.I like to mock feminism, Islam, Marxism, neoliberals, neocons, (((globalism))) and pretty much anything to do with the Clown World Most of my criticism will be directed at the regressive left and neoconservativism, because of their power over the Western media, in politics and in education. Call me a fascist if you want, it could be true for all you know. Who knows? But take note that I am proud to be male, gay, white, and most importantly, IRISH. It's okay to be white, you cannot change your sex, don't invade Iran, Trump has been comprised, Angela Merkel is the greatest threat to European civilisation and Jeffrey Epstein did not kill himself. Anyway, enjoy my feed and try not to get bitten. You can also find me on Tá sibh aitinn. Agus is cuma sa toll feisithe liomsa. Díul mó bhad.

Mar 2017
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