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I am a writer and truth seeker. I believe we must look beyond the economic/political propaganda and ignore the media-backed distraction and focus on the real reasons behind our motivations. If I could tell you only one thing, it would be this: thought and vibration determine your destiny. So, work to have a higher vibration and think intentionally about what you want in your life. You become what you think about! I love cats and giraffes.
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Why not take an unorthodox look at our meaningless lives in the hope that we can better ourselves by discarding trivial nonsense? Web Development If It Wasn't For Those Damn Whelks! Moarthan News Sauce Anime Memes Faith In Humanity Score

I am a long time writer, recently published Indie Author. I currently live in Claremore, Oklahoma with my wife and two children. In addition to writing have my own law practice and I am an avid reader. I have been writing dark fiction since college. My first novel, Lightwarriors, represents the culmination of approximately fifteen years of work. My writing is character driven and tends to focus on asking and answering moral questions such as what makes a person become evil, what is the price of power and is revenge ever acceptable. I received my bachelors in English Writing from Lock Haven University and my Juris Doctor from Oklahoma City University. In addition to writing and reading fiction, I am also a huge law nerd. When I was in law school I used to read capital appeals for fun.

My name is Julie Tyler. I am a storyteller, book coach, academic-turned-entrepreneur, crypto-enthusiast, reader, dancer, and content creator. I am here to empower writers to tell their stories, celebrate the world's finest creators, engage in civil discussions of events around the world, and participate in a new social media movement. I am honored to lift up my voice and offer the world my gifts.

Poet, scripter, narrator, novelist and editor. Where the eye meets the stylus to paint worlds with words.

Author of BEHEAD ALL SATANS. Also wrote: The Tainted Turd. Banned multiple times on Amazon. Currently available for sale:

An eclectic collection of various muses of the Dark_Side_Of_Bliss

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Everything I write is fiction unless it turns out to be true. Only virgins find plot holes.

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