https://www.friskyfeels.us/ Hey everyone! Frisky Feels is a fun little shop I run. I sell mostly all anime related stuff from slaps & diecuts to nobori flags and prints, and tons in between! Check out my site if you fancy!

I am an independent game developer. My first title is Cossanox a science fiction shoot em up where you chase a cosmic horror across multiple dimensions. I'm currently working on two new titles. A 2d fighter, and a fantasy action adventure game. #mygame Windows/Linux/Mac Steam https://store.steampowered.com/app/1072280/Cossanox/ Itch.io https://cosmic-scr.itch.io/cossanox If you try out my game please consider leaving some feedback. I plan to continue updating it for as long as possible, and am looking for ways to improve it.

Engine development is my game. Indie engine dev. Ex-Unity. Linux, OpenGL, Vulkan, VR. My opinions are proprietary and nontransferable.

Creator of Everyday Life Edengrall, check my devblog at https://fablesoflaetus.com/

Currently developing Stitch (@StitchGamesQA), a game-testing/QA platform, focused on indie game developers. Gaming News: @StitchNews Gamedev: @StitchInteractive Gaming News Group on Minds: https://www.minds.com/groups/profile/997862177234223104/ Follow me on Gab: https://gab.com/FreakOrama #indie #gamedev #QA #GamesQA #gaming

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half programmer, half artist, all gamer

Discount Luke Smith | Linux/Programming Content Creator Content Creator On YouTube, LBRY, BitTube, Minds

Jul 2020
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