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I mostly post memes, but occasionally I also write things. I'm incredibly communist and unapologetically white. I work as a bookseller at a famous bookstore chain which will remain unnamed. I'm a huggable teddy bear and give free hugs to all manly capitalist friends. Please try not to take either the internet or me very seriously; it's not good for your health.

Some random gaymer wolf. Giant nerd who loves cute guys, nature, video games, horror, photography, vinyl records, plague doctors and lots more. I'll try to be interesting.

I am a pumpkin, I’m very hungry. Gaming stuff and other things to come.

Military Veteran Bisexual Bear Naturist Gamer Unlike most men alive, I grew up and was taught by a father who came from an extremely ancient family with a long standing history of living life on it's own terms. Not once in the eons long existence of the family have we allowed any authoritarian organization dictate how we live our own personal lives in this world.

Fanatical #Individualist, Radical #Capitalist, #Objectivist, #Transhumanist. #Linux Certified (Linux+), #Programmer, Web #Developer, #Gamer, #Science Lover. Potential Furry At Large. Bitcoin (BTC): 12PNidQFQjDmUrZVrXmtn5GthKTHt57j4c Ethereum (ETH): 0xbE8bfF864D4b1484a9590e81888b0736F0099D87 Monero (XMR): 4AqPgHtkmj2Wo4owMctxheHDfF4oo65rRHCvhgvsK2vqjDYU3oJsABrCDh1oEiW2BvJJJD8C3XDzqAyWjQvokMKTLu2ZoJj

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I make a post-apocalyptic mecha webcomic that you can access here: and support here: I also have a gaming and other nerd hobbies channel here on bitchute: and here on youtube: odysee:

meowdy im tylen, just a miqo'te going through the world as a traveling bard slaying monsters of giant proportions and keeping the villages entertained, my data center is crystal with my home world being mateus, if you feel like hitting me up and wanting to do stuff you can find me in gridania or the crystarium majority of the time and im always free to talk to

Lucario-Eastern Sergal; #Furry. Christian-Pegan; Freewilled Conservative. Against Antifa/BLM Extremism & the Left ☭‍⃠ Lover of Cars, Guns, Video Games & Art Loves Sergals, Sangheili, Dragons, Skaven, Pones & Changelings I'm always up for chatting. Feel free to send me a message. ^.v.^ Parler: Furaffinity: Gab:

i have lots 2 tell U. steal my memes Also: No solicitations, yo that’s annoying

An antelope-like unicorn that values freedom. Never surrender your blades.

Feb 2020
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