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Тата тута: Учу смотреть картинки и разговаривать разговоры.

Цисгендерный хуемразь. Мерзкий циник и мизантроп. Расизм, сексизм, эйджизм, фэтшейминг - да. Юмор и кофе должны быть чёрными. Котики - моё слабое место.

Контент-менеджер Сахаровского центра. В качестве хобби занимаюсь краеведением (waluiki.ru) и торгую на бирже. Путешествую.

Программист. Играю в ЧГК. Стреляю из лука. Пью виски.

That man's not a center of the universe, And working in an office makes it worse

This channel translates historical articles and sources about the history of Old Europe and Romania. “The following will be about the biggest land that spreads from Asia Minor to Iberia and from Northern Africa to beyond Scandinavia […] The great land of Dacians.” Dionysius the Areopagite (1st century A.D.) Fontes, I, p. 529 "The inhabitants of the north of the Lower Danube can be considered the ancestors of mankind.” Louis of Valle Pousin "The bones as well as the tablets are very old. It is a certainty. It is our turn to think that writing began in Europe 2,000 years before Sumerian writing. In Romania we have a tremendous treasure; but it does not belong only to Romania but to the whole Europe." Marco Merlini, Italian archaeologist (born 1953) about the Tartaria tablets "Civilization was born where today are living the Romanian people !…spreading afterwards, toward East and West ! … 13,000 - 15,000 years ago.” William Schiller, American archeologist "Travel to the Getae not to give them laws, but to draw lessons from them. At the Getae all the lands are without boundaries, all the lands are common." Pythagoras (580 BC – 495 BC) making references to the superior Getae values. Law 1143 "Rumanian language is a key-language that influenced, for the most part, all European languages." Per Olof Ekström, Swedish writer "The Geto-Dacians are considered to be the founders of the Nordic nations.” Carolus Lundius, The Chronicle of the Dukes of Normandy "Over 10.000 years ago, in the Carpathian region there lived a nation who spoke a unique language, precursor to Latin and Sanskrit.” Mark Pagel, Professor of Evolutionary Biology, Reading University of London "I am intrigued by the presence on the territory of Romania, of a number of many toponyms of Sanskrit resonance.” Prof. Fabio Scialpi "The Getes, the greatest people of all Germanic peoples.” Professor Reynolds, University of Wisconsin "Romania is what I called the heart of Old Europe, a cultural entity, between 6,500 B.C- 3,500 B.C., based on a theocratic-matriarchal peaceful loving and art creating society - which preceded the Indo-Europeanized patriarchal fighter societies from the Bronze and Iron Ages.” Marija Gimbutas, Professor Emeritus of Archeology at UCLA NOTE: The translations on this page are not subject to copy and paste them anywhere else, on your websites, without giving credits to the translator and the original article/text from where they were translated.

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Джуниор пайтон программист трудной судьбы. ЗОЖник с пониженной социальной ответственностью. Воспитываю одну юную рокершу и одну пожилую собаку с тонкой душевной организацией. Люблю умных людей и хорошее вино.

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