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An open source journal of my projects and a forum for sharing ideas, resources and experiences. I'm here to grow together!

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Nick Maxwell Verified artist on many social media networks. Especially art related. Abstract Painter and 8bitPixelArt.

Edyta Prawdzic Łukomska - Niezależna dziennikarka ======================== System ma zapotrzebowanie na ludzi jednowymiarowych. Aby to zrealizować powołał skorumpowaną władzę, media, udostępnił alkohol i "nielegalne" narkotyki. Indukcja systemu jest realizowana przez rozcieńczenie idei młodych ludzi alkoholem i/lub narkotykami (zgodnie ze strategią prohibicji), następnie podawana jest prosta i bezrefleksyjna "papka" ideologiczna o charakterze marksistowskim i w końcu wkracza terror. W takim systemie żyją współczesne lemingi! https://lemingssociety.weebly.com/ ========================== The system has a need for one-dimensional people. In order to achieve this, it has established corrupt power, the media, made alcohol and "illegal" drugs available. The induction of the system is realized by diluting young people's ideas with alcohol and/or drugs (according to the prohibition strategy), then a simple and thoughtless ideological "pap" of a Marxist character is administered and finally terror enters. Contemporary lemmings live in such a system!

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The Conscious Resistance Network is an independent media organization focused on empowering individuals through education, philosophy, health, and community organizing. We work to create a world where corporate and state power does not rule over the lives of free human beings. Our website and channel covers a wide range of topics from politics, activism, spirituality, gardening, music, solutions, and more. We are always looking for new contributors. As of January 2019 our current contributors (to the site and channel) are: Derrick Broze - weekly podcast, interviews, and vlogs that cover the most important news you won't hear from the corporate media, as well as explorations of philosophy, spirituality, and solutions. https://www.minds.com/TheConsciousResistanceNetwork/?referrer=TheConsciousResistanceNetwork

CommonTime Productions' mission is to provide studio-quality mobile recordings in the comfort of your own practice space or live show. We offer multiple packages that can suit any budget.

Swiss, Carpenter, Specialist in Business Administration and Applied Technical Management, in the process of becoming a part time Farmer Usualy not a very active social media user. But hey i'm here. Mabey something interesting comes of it. I mainly post Pictures i took myselfe.

Apr 2019
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