SocietyX aims to connect the virtual and physical world. A decentralized platform for community driven governance and sustainable commerce! SocietyX is constructed in a way that turns governance into administering things as opposed to governing people. The project is committed to achieve economic success by empowering its citizens to invent and produce eco-friendly products and services such as clean energy from generation, to storage to end user devices, lab grown meat products, recycling platforms that utilize ocean clean up mechanisms to access some of their raw material, and much more. In order to add utility to its currency, societyX plans to create complete supply chains from mines, to refineries to manufacturing plants all the way to the hands of its end user. All transactions between the citizens and the cooperative production Holons are conducted using the Daric. Decentralization of production, finance, governance and social services is the backbone of this system. Website: www.societyx.net Twitter: @thesocietyx

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Independent artist with a passion for crypto and good times.

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