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I dont care about how many followers or tokens I have. I'm living a self sustained life because the world is broken. I'm documenting the things I've mastered and the things that I'm still figuring out for my self to help who ever gives a shit. I also make Off grid gear from an off grid homestead in Canada to try to support my cause a little bit more. Check us out!

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"Who needs the moon, when we've got the stars...." You and I probably don't share the same politics (I'm a free thinker and do not fall into any classification) but I'm sure that we can find interesting things to discuss. I would rather focus on what brings us closer together than what divides us. I enjoy knowledge for its own sake, not to forward ANY agenda, and not to manipulate others. If I share something, it is out of caring. I'm not into propaganda (of any side) or hatred (of any group)! I'm not into blanket condemnations. (for example, a statement like "mainstream media is all lies". Mainstream media hardly ever gets things right, and they are often used to spread disinformation, but blanket denials are dangerous, they give the brain the wrong message and teach the brain bad habits. INFORMATION should be examined and judged on its own. And, if a person doesn't watch mainstream media, why would said person talk about it all of the time? This habit demonstrates a lack of wisdom. Any human being who wants to make a difference in their own lives or the world should focus on what they DO have power to change. While you are focusing on things you have no power over, it might make the ego feel powerful, and it might bring you closer to your own mob of believers (your brand of sheeple), but it robs the being of any real power, and therein lies no real unity. Want to begin to approach freedom? Learn to mindwash the brain. The brain has been programmed from birth, and I venture to say that most of its programs were not written by you! *I'm a student of natural, evidence-based medicine* *I'm small business owner/entrepreneur* *I'm a student of exercise, fitness, and longevity* *I'm a reluctant writer/author* #all Account created on: Jun 19, 2015

Original content, truth, and healing.

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