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Music in video games are often taken for granted, but some of the best music I got the pleasure to hear comes from just that! from video games! This channel is dedicated to show you the best music that video games got to offer, sit back and relax, and enjoy the ride :) I'm making music mixes of games that have very good music. Both old & new games, also many different styles of music and types of games. Official Minds account for GameMusicHallberg You can also find me on YouTube. https://www.youtube.com/c/GameMusicHallberg Soundcloud https://soundcloud.com/gamemusichallberg BitTube https://bit.tube/GameMusicHallberg BitChute https://www.bitchute.com/channel/aACTea8BrLDE Twitter https://twitter.com/GameHallberg Steemit https://tinyurl.com/ybo7gjrv Enjoy the music!

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The Wayfarer Project was originally founded in 1999 by Lawrence W. Moore as the home for his music compositions, which are released under the artist name, Wayfarer. Since this time, TWP has expanded in its scope to include Moore's creative endeavors overall. While music is still at the heart of Moore's creative endeavors, he has, over the years, expanded into other forms of multimedia art and has engaged in teaching others about music, music technology, synthesis, and audio production. Now a homesteader in North Florida, Moore continues to create music, multimedia art, and educational content for those who want to learn more about music, music technology, audio production, synthesis, and interactive media. The Wayfarer Project is now evolved into a home for all these endeavors.

INTJ. Enneagram 5-3-9. Quant Analyst. World Citizen. I'm on here to learn about you and your perspectives on the world. If I ever seem critical, it might be that I'm just testing the waters to truth. I'm on here to challenge my own ideologies and more interesting is not what you think but why you think it. Some times I will remind your content just because I commented on it, not because I agreed with it, but because I think you raised a really good discussion point and I want our views to come together. I value our human race in all its colors, our planet, the unification of science and spirituality, individualism, and unity. I like to think and I want the freedom to go wherever the thinking takes me. That's what fills my heart but that doesn't mean that I never let my heart inform my thinking. I like art, poetry, math, philosophy, coding, AI, data science, statistics, data, economics, running, nutrition, exercise, psychology, health studies, and the occasional conspiracy theory. ------------------------------------ Groups ------------------------------------ Please join my group on Personality Types: https://www.minds.com/groups/profile/958489427467513856 My Quora-like idea: https://www.minds.com/groups/profile/1196532826443599872/feed

Check out my original Mandala paintings here -https://www.nexusvisions.com/mandalaartforsale Check out my funky 80's inspired paintings here - https://www.nexusvisions.com/80sinspiredart Check out my print shop and merch store here - https://www.nexusvisions.com/art Artist Adam Millward paints with passion and creates with the intention to expand your mind and inspire your soul! #art #artist #visionaryart #inspiration #motivation #design #Mandala #modernart #contemporaryart #psychedelic #pattern #entrepreneur #smallbusiness #artforsale #spiritual #lsd #dmt #abstractart #minds #NDE #Lightworker #Spirituality #SacredGeometry

I am a conservative. AntiCommunist, Antiglobalist, Antijihadist, Antifemifascist, Anti-antisemitism AND, last but not least, a great grandmother of four, and grandmother of four, as well as a leading edge Boomer. AND ANTI INTERNET WHORES! **NO DM's!!**

Software Engineer I'm here to remind, post and talk about anything that interest me, I love music and nature you're free to remind my activities welcome to my channel

WELCOME This profile was created to share and discuss fundamental, metaphysical and current topics in a transparent and immutable way. __________________________________ With the help of Science, passed on wisdom, our personal experiences and YOU, we will try to shed some light on the riddles of life. _____________________________________ If you are interested in these subjects this is a MUST SUBSCRIBE All content is and will always be free for everyone _____________________________________ Be Light Avatar Art: The Neverending Dreamer by Cameron Grey

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