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New secular & conservative channel with some sexy kitch have launched here! It's gonna be a mix of 18 + erotic adult content and politics and anti-religious posts, some humor and funny shit posts, blasphemy content and adult entertainment. If you are under 18 you must unsubscribe now, also if you are over 18 but you don't want to see nudity and erotic content, you can also consider unsubscribing. Also if you are religious there will be nothing here for you, (but this wasn't religious in the first place anyway) and it's still not gonna be. Here we gonna mock both religion and christianity and making fun of regressive leftist politicians, and enjoying pictures of hot naked women and making more fun about the regressive left and Jeebuz & Allah! Fuck religion, enjoy life and there is no god! (For old followers; this was previously a Libertarian Conservative Atheist channel, it still is but now with some sexy mix & other mix as well. This means you now must be over 18 years of age to follow this channel from now on! (18 + / NSFW). Also my old Libertarian Conservative Atheist tumblr blog got banned from tumblr, so it's no longer available. However the Libertarian Conservative Pinterest page is still on, but don't know for how long, because there too the censorship rules are fucking ridicilous. Take a visit to that page while you still can! Here is the link; As I said before, my Libertarian Atheist Conservative tumblr blog was suspended from tumblr, I now have a replacement on MeWe but it's been called Heathen Libertarian because I was an atheist but is now more rather a pagan or heathen, no longer really atheist but here is my Heathen Libertarian channel on MeWe

Born,... living,... existing

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I'm Independent/Conservative, I do not subscribe to any political party but I strongly lean right. Anti Zionist, Nationalist I seek the truth. Try to be open minded. I believe in free speech, and 2nd amendment, believe in gun control “as in” hit what you are aiming at. Love My Guns and pity anyone that tries to take them from me! I'm a Vietnam Vet USMC. I will indeed defend the Constitution of these United States of America to my death. Am not anti government,I'm just anti this corrupt so called government. I can not and will not believe ANYTHING that This Government says or does. I am indeed in support of President Trump. At least at this point in time. “Drain the SWAMP.” I believe the Jews/Israel/Banksters/CIA/Military industrial complex, are the Enemies of these United States and her people and Needs to be DELETED/SWITCHED OFF and scattered to the 4 winds. I am still a work in progress AND subject to change my mind at any time

Davenport, Iowa, United States
Jun 2020
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