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Your mom's favourite hedge fund manager.

language enthusiast, culture enthusiast and aspiring writer.

Writer, composer, musician, and part-time superhero.

actor, writer, beer enthusiast, silly goose

Musician, Artist, Writer, Photographer.

I'm an aspiring writer, but who isn't in this day and age? I guess it's been a calling since very young childhood or maybe I'm just a daydreamer with an over active imagination and who wants to actually channel it into something vaguely productive.

We're Jess and Dan, full brother and sister, not romantically involved but VERY sexually involved with each other. We love experiencing new things, we love sex and we love that it's incest. We're very interested in making actual porn together, not just stuff with a webcam of phone. We're also into the idea of being watched, even by a group of people. We're getting more into BDSM but are interested in going through some training together, maybe making a video series out of it. We REALLY want to attend a true swingers club without hiding our relationship. It's more exciting when whoever's watching us be sexual together knows for a fact that we're brother and sister

Defend My WiFi springs into action whenever you connect to public WiFi hotspots. These locations are favorites among hackers who use scary sounding techniques like WiFi Spoofing and Honeypot attacks tocompromise your digital life. Defend My WiFi protects you by enabling a Virtual Private Network, or VPN. VPN technology prevents untrusted parties from seeing what you are doing on your phone. Most VPNs require you to remember to turn them on and off. Not Defend My WiFi. Each time you connect to a new network we check our database to see if it’s public or private. If it’s public, we turn on encryption automatically – there’s nothing you need to do!

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Feb 2019
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