Urban caveman living in North America, into crypto currency and Austrian economics.

PayByName simplifies crypto currency payments by replacing complicated QR Codes and wallet addresses with one simple $PayByName that can be used for online payments, tipping or donations. All you need to know is your $PayByName...

I provide one on one guidance in setting up a Crypto Currency portfolio for new investors. If you have heard of Bitcoin but want to know more about it, send me an email for information. [email protected]

BlocNATION is an event ticketing and cashless payment systems provider. Their BLOC Token can be used to unlock crypto payment capabilities for PouchNATION – a Southeast Asia based cashless payment and brand activations solutions provider. The platform is the universal currency for PouchNATION and aims to address problems related to pay bracelets at music festivals and other events. The BLOC Taken decentralized ICO is powered by Komodo and integrated into their atomic swap – powered BarterDEX. To learn more about BLOC Token, visit

Artist, Filmmaker, Free Thinker, Musician

Seeking collaborative art experiences universe-wide.

Nov 2018
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