A writer, game designer and avid gamer. My name is Storrs Start and I own and operate Silver Sigil Entertainment. You can check out my first published book at silver-sigil.com.

My portfolio page: https://davesart.artstation.com/ Support me with a coffee: https://www.buymeacoffee.com/davidschmelling My official blog: https://davidschmellingart.blogspot.com/ I am a conceptartist and illustrator looking for new contacts and ways to share my work in order to inspire anyone who wants to create. Although I graduated as a communication designer in 2008, I have focussed my skills on illustration and concept design (character creation, environments and scenery for different media such as video games, books and more). One of the projects I have worked for is a fantasy story named "The Chronicles of Dragon" written by author Craig Halloran, for whom I have illustrated the book covers. I am always looking for new challenges and am working towards my goal to be, some day, part of big game projects, to be able to work together with creatives around the globe, and to focus my time on creating personal projects such as an epic comic series for which I'm writing and illustrating the content. More is to come, trying my best to work towards my goals.

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