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Illustration, Animation and Comics for everyone ;)

Environment Artist in gamedev industry

25 | Open Source Software User | Budding Blender / Game Asset Artist

I'm a solo indie game developer working on Skjoldur Story, a light-hearted adventure game where your only tool is a shield. It's currently targeted for PC, though Mac/Linux will likely be included as well. Check it out on steam here: This is my first game ever. I'm just using this channel as another way of getting the word out as I work on it. I'm also more than happy to answer any questions with regards to my dev practices/experiences as I do all the programming, art, and sound for my game :)

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Research in machine learning, autonomous vehicles and human-centered AI. Host of the Artificial Intelligence podcast.

Independent goldsmith, original design, manufacturing in a workshop in the mountains of Switzerland Website: Facebook:

Illustrator & Front-End Interface Designer/Developer with interests in science, technology, game development, and environmental sustainability. Developer of

Spare time solo game dev. Currently working on Timeless Adventure - a Point&Click-like fantasy adventure game. Wishlist here:

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