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Adult content and offensive jokes 18 + Only. Message me for art prices.
Who doesn't like a sexy ass??? If you like any of the pictures I post, please press the like button, so I get more points to boost those fine asses. Wires welcome! I do a lot of "research " to find these pictures. Not that I'm complaining!
Some barbarian who likes his tea warm, and his sword coated in roman plebeian blood. ROMA DELENDA EST! Also enjoys relaxing with some cool synth/darkwave, or burning & raiding with some heavy metal and rock! A big free speech extremist. Right wing libertarian (a Nazi by Antifa standards). Loves animu, manga, and franco-belgian comics (bande-desinee).
Ideas, doodles, art, jokes, design & comics 🏴‍☠️
PSVR2 games and accessory reviews! Contact me if you are a developer wanting to have your product reviewed!
Aug 2019
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