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SlothlyD is the Name, Waiting a week to Pee is the game! All comments are my own, and probably a joke! Join my Mastodon instance? Toot.Ninja Or find me on Telegram Twitter for all you "normies" Damn! over 1m Views! Onto 2m we go!

Memes, News and whatever else we want.  Remind your favorites & or wire us points 馃憣馃惛     Follow on Twitter:@trumpmemes4            Donate~ ETH: 0x428f5856c95e2C8fe56889055D0c7eba443D9Ac5  LTC:  LTbGJdEFWREe4XDESs85UbfbDuWDpCuKG5

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Retired journalist/freelance writer, reporter for mags and newspapers in two, southern states, patriot-American, leisureist~ As a writer/journalist, I worked 21 years in the field, specializing, predominantly, in police work, profiles, features, homes/decor of every age/style, did countless restaurant reviews and promoted tourism up and down the Emerald Coast~ I'm also a food-fashioner and a #repurposer, so crafting beautiful foods and craft items is something I enjoy doing, as hobbies, when time permits. My sole purpose for engaging in this site is to get people involved in crafting and #repurposing projects and to mix and mingle + share tips and ideas with "like-#MINDed" people~ 猸愶笍馃尨馃寛馃寵 鈽锔 馃巰 馃惛馃惌馃惏馃悽馃悜馃悩 馃悗馃尩馃巹馃帇馃惔馃惡馃惣馃惗馃樄 馃悹 馃悷馃悓馃殺馃檲馃檳馃惖 馃悽馃悰馃惥馃懀 馃崚馃崜馃崉馃巿馃攳 鈽笍

Christian, American, support veterans, Brexit, & persecuted Christians. UN & EU undermine sovereignty & freedom. Anti-Islam. The US Constitution has no expiration date. For FREE SPEECH and in opposition to political correctness (which is a lie!) Website for news on persecuted Christians & opportunities to help, donate, volunteer, communicate:

Pro free speech and love making sammiches for the patriarchy. Neither far left or far right in my beliefs, although a tad right of centre. I believe in an egalitarian society and the patriarchy. Any issues with me just let me know and I will be quite happy to have a civil debate with you.

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Dec 2018
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