SJG Perspective is a channel dedicated to making people smile, and also think. My personality I hope will make you smile at times, while my commentary on the various issues surrounding our society and world, will make you think. I want us to question why we believe the things we believe. From the stories that are fed to us, by the plethora of sources from main stream media, to independent voices and perspectives like my own. We need to have a more thoughtful approach to challenging and exploring the world around us. The goal of my channel, is share my thought process and again perspective, on the noise that surrounds us in this world we all live in. I hope you enjoy the content, and the viewpoints I share, as my goal is to present them to my audience, without Fear or Animus.
CEO/Owner REHN MUSIC GROUP Musician/Composer/Producer/Mix Engineer Manager @yohio @rehnmusic
Your mom's favourite hedge fund manager.
WeAreChange is a nonpartisan, independent media organization comprised of individuals and groups working to expose corruption worldwide.
Just a page of memeingless post. Send me memes. If they make me laugh I will repost and tag you.
48/Married/Female. Christian, but not Zionist. Interested in Geopolitics, Current Events, and Cat Memes. Sarcasm is my second language. #FreeGaza #NoMoreWars
Fake News Media Critic
Host of THE JLP SHOW & THE FALLEN STATE | Founder of BOND: Brotherhood Organization of a New Destiny, “Rebuilding the FAMILY by Rebuilding the MAN” | Counselor | Pastor | Author | Activist | Not "African American," 100% AMERICAN. JLP: BOND: TFS: SILENT PRAYER:
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