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Just a Canadian guy who will talk about anything he finds interesting. Trying to find his way in life.

A random opinionated guy on the internet. I make tshirts,hoodies and other assorted knickknacks. BTC:3Nq5vahHY2H8ihLrPc2qV3cLQ4WQAWtP1m

Anti-socialist with insight and reasoning to all the dumb things Democrats do. Also, memes are the best thing that’s happen from social media. #DemocratsAreSocialist #CreepyJoe #Meme #Politics #News #BigGovSucks

Artist for my 13 year old son's comic, Pillowman and Blanketboy! Making Comics Great Again, One Book at a Time!

Jeremy Lott's Diary
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Elected President of Minds. Comics, kids books, and Dad jokes, mostly. Get Movie Men here:

Finnish university student working to get his master's degree. Currently working on a game solo when not too busy.

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I swim the ocean deep, looking for cool PC games to eat. My dark fantasy miniatures startup page:

Just your average Space Trucker looking for a planet to call my own. Some stuff will be political, some stuff nerdy, and some just cause.

Ох, нелегкая это работа — в этот мир выпускать Азатота

Welcome To The Soul Survivor Music Playlist Channel. This Channel Is Designed To Mimic The Heartbeat Of Human Relations, As Well As To Encourage Survivalism Of The Human Spirit.

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