Born in western WA state, raised by a religious family, now a successful, highly paid corporate software developer. By all expectations, I should be your typical self-loathing white liberal. But I am not. However, I am also not the America-loving unconditional patriotic type. Having gone through a very nasty divorce, I have seen first-hand the true colors of this country and its government. Having long abandoned religion, while retaining many of the values, I might be considered a conservative atheist, an anomaly both of left/right politics and of society in general. Democrats hate me, and I am uncomfortable at Republican conventions. I have studied the origins of feminism. I understand red-pilled and black-pilled philosophies. I am not what you'd expect someone in my position to be. I am a National Socialist.

People live in an Enemy Controlled world. We do it's My job to bring it to the eyes of everyone else. "We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children." 14/88 Man of Action National-Socialist

Disclaimer: everything here is satire. Disclaimer to the disclaimer: I'm saying this so I don't get banned.

Not ashamed to celebrate the most beautiful thing on earth.

A white nationalist, writer, political commentator, and firearm enthusiast

Aug 2017
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