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Lightphaser's works range from music production to software development including the composition of original soundtracks or producing music videos. Over the last decade, more than 12 official music releases have been produced, the genre is falling mostly into melodic techno, synth-pop, synthwave, electro, and IDM realms. The music is heavily synthesizer-based, the album themes are taking the listener on fictional journeys through spacey landscapes. Starting from 2020 the music has been enriched with the beautiful voice of Hatsune Miku! EPK: Please, if you like my music/work, you can support me by the following methods, thank you very much! Merchandise: Coffee: PayPal: ETH: lightphaser.crypto

children are the salt of the world.

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Now Is The Time For All Good Men To Come To The Aid Of Their Country "WWG1WGA " Q+ Will "KAG" Trust The Chosen One Patriots!!!

ElectroPig von FökkenGrüüven™, at your service. "Personal Pronouns": Pha/Que Other goddamn newfangled 'lectronical intar webz: Twitter: Mine your own damned bitcoin! d;o) Feel free to help a guy out: ARRR: zs1caw2c5vw9u38npq5j9qqqkt65mh5kwp5pwtxs7k6hf2leyvuh2jaw9ef9puldz7t7uyqv879c60 WOW: WW2sKtV6do8LspXWKshHM8WXRd7HJCUrmAjNE8371cqCiJKpgpR2A1FdUAnDac44PTNRQsQ4QqL4GfD5chHfdzvg1JJfHQJgw BTC: 34yQaLuBZzSa3mt1ndgvJMmJvU3HUMbY6D LTC: MBiNAGmyqsQBCxB8wovZJaF2NG7CYbvVJ3 DOGE: DEcg44934Wt73Kb7QJ8oxRNV1vdjPBLBvP Monero: 46Uur5Mtb1waSo3Nk5Zx9fUMeYuE2UqK8Umogu7vxvzGZZDb7P7UhG5MESChVd9Uf7VStyyTYPxUQURVWStgzfsVEKTR6Lb Birthday: March 30th Too subtle? d;o) Get a bitcoin wallet TODAY! I recommend Electrum:

(march 2020) from now on brown sheep will refer to the "you-know-what-which-shall-not-be-named" as ... el chupacabra! because everybody has heard of it, nobody has seen it, everybody fears it, nobody knows the truth about it, etc... you get the idea. (july 2022) trying "c0 v1 d19". got bored of typing "co-chupacabra-19" for the past two years.

Politically incorrect, anti-multicultural, anti-feminist, nationalist otaku who does neither consider himself right, left nor centre, but rather all over the place. My main interests are anime, manga, bishoujo games and other visual novels, hentai and collecting bishoujo figures. Well, also science... and the paranormal. And frequently making strong black tea with whole milk, as well as (although less frequently) drinking red wine while watching anime, reading manga or playing a bishoujo game. Oh, and I love Asian dolls! (´。• ᵕ •。`) ♡ I love dark, melancholic music; preferably when from Japan... the songs 'Saya no Uta I' and 'Saya no Uta II,' as well the song 'Sin' - all songs from the Japanese visual novel Saya no Uta - mainly come to mind. Also, however, I love overly cheery, blip-bloppy music from animes and bishoujo games. ^^ I also love vocaloids! The possibilities of robots are so interesting, don't you think...? My wish is to be able to start developing a visual novel... hopefully soon. Perhaps a romantic ero-guro. I love cute things. :3 My referrer for a faucet for free bitcoins:

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