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-Trash the talk and hopscotch the walk-
Liberal, gun owner, movie collector and web developer.
Thoughts of a wayward Kat. Supreme Ruler of the Universe Life is hard for a 21st century demigod. Who am I? Who am I not? The truth is but a relative construct. You can find me on Instagram @ Kathleenaeh * X \',....,' ',,,,,""""#""""#/.,.., × .,.,.x*&.*,*""".... Alot of people look at me and think I am 19 or something. I am not. I have weathered this planet for 30 years and have tredged through my trials and sorrows. Still here though. Keeping it real as shit as always. Just doing what I do. I've broken down and built my self up again I feel like I have lived many lives within this one. I've worn so many faces, and seen the same places and still I am fine. I just keep doing this, cycles in time. I think we all find our places eventually, sometimes it takes letting go of from where you came. Sometimes its just like being completely different but exactly the same. My heart aches and my mind is far from sane. But still I keep playing, always dealing the same game.
Vedad Ceric is a freelance photographer and a computer science person.
Las Vegas
Feb 2019
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