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My name is Jake, I am a North American service engineer for Sinico MTM. Welcome to MY LIFE...I WILL TRY NOT to post generic photos and boring memes, yet if I enjoy it. I'll share with you: I'm an open minded thinker, attempted photographer, attempted writer, attempted athlete 🤣. I love randomly making the poems and things I do. Written letters to the editor since 2011 (to my local paper). -Methodss to my madness- Relationships are my life Bringing good people together is my goal. FREEDOM EXTREMIST🤷🏻‍♂️ 🇺🇸 100% REAL, love me or hate me....I just want the conversations, from O-H-I-O, COFFEE and BURBON junkie, love Switzerland and our friends there (learning Italian and Spanish), my wife and I are travel lovers. Hard working, loyal, loveable, "Blue collar proud" - as Mr. Matt Hess calls me. Podcasts, football, American, Married, Son, Uncle to the greatest lil dude. CMM programmer, CNC machinist, QC lab technician, technology. After avoiding death, I just love life, I'm very random, attempting to be funny and help others. I'm not Left or Right. "The older I get the more I become an extreme.... moderate".. I love meeting new people. Love conversations. Love learning new things. Leadership, Humanity, Scotch, Music, Movies...this list goes on. Favorite quote: "There are no strangers only friends I haven't met yet". I live life by the THREE C's :Common Sense, Choices and Change. IF you didn't use common sense than make a choice and change it . I live a simple life due to my T.B.I and my CHOICE to do so...your turn #Freedom #Family #Friends #Faithinhumanity #cheateddeath #stillalive #optimist #people #worldlove #realist
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Political geek from the UK. Centre-left Brexiteer. I make videos on current events and politics. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCI8V-ccTYjvF143M9fWWJmQ

Action movie nerd Don't think I'm just into wakanda though, The future is really at stake and we need to band together. Some days I actually imagine being John wick

Exposing Corruption & Promoting Nuances In Universal Truths

I am forever a student, I am a man and not perfect in any way. I try to spread love, truth and enlightenment . Anyone that would like to reach out please do . You will be most welcome I am surrounded by chaos every day of my life , I do know what it is like where you live . The streets of people that do not smile, do not look or speak. Whatever happened to courtesy to your elders. Without courtesy you lose respect for others and other lose it for you,but most of all your lose your self respect. Respect of others has turned into tolerance of others . Without true respect there is no Understanding of others . Without courtesy ,self respect and understanding. How can you be Civil. Being civil to your human brother and sisters, is vanished altogether. If you can't be civil there is not going to be Peace only War The time for change is now. Be the change this world needs. --------------------- #visualize

A more comprehensive look into current issues with historic and future insights Proud to be Welsh, Proud to be British Supporting world citizens

Decentralized Talk Podcast
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Influencer Interviews, Crypto Spotlights, Investment Competitions and more. Look us up on iTunes, Google Play, iHeartRadio, Musicoin or Spreaker. #cryptocurrency

Libertarian, let’s discuss, former teacher, tequila drinker

Animals Are Awesome & Amazing! Please Subscribe For Your Daily Dose Of The Most Amazing Animals On The Planet!

Ohio, United States
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Feb 2020
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