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I'm an open minded thinker, attempted photographer, attempted writer, attempted athlete 🤣. I love randomly making the poems and things I do. Written letters to the editor since 2011 (to my local paper). -Methodss to my madness- Bringing good people together is my goal. FREEDOM EXTREMIST🤷🏻‍♂️ 🇺🇸 100% REAL, love me or hate me....I just want the conversations, from O-H-I-O, COFFEE and BURBON junkie, love Switzerland and our friends there (learning German and Spanish), my wife and I are travel lovers. Hard working, loyal, loveable, "Blue collar proud" - as Mr. Matt Hess calls me. Podcasts, football, American, Married, Son, Uncle to the greatest lil dude. CNC machinist, QC lab technician, technology. After avoiding death, I just love life, I'm very random, attempting to be funny and help others. I'm not Left or Right. "The older I get the more I become an extreme.... moderate".. I love meeting new people. Love conversations. Love learning new things. Leadership, Humanity, Scotch, Music, Movies...this list goes on. Favorite quote: "There are no strangers only friends I haven't met yet". I live life by the THREE C's :Common Sense, Choices and Change. IF you didn't use common sense than make a choice and change it . I live a simple life due to my T.B.I and my CHOICE to do so...your turn #Freedom #Family #Friends #Faithinhumanity #cheateddeath #stillalive #optimist #people #worldlove #realist
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My name is stephanie robles . I'm extremely passionate about helping others. I recently opened a nonprofit and an author . it's to help connect people with resources that have to do with everyday life . ranging from addiction & recovery ,PTSD,and parenting .

A podcast about pretty much anything, brought to you by a bunch of crazy (and often intoxicated) libertarians from Canada. https://www.libertybeat.ca   https://youtube.com/libertybeat https://vid.me/libertybeat https://twitter.com/LibertyBeatCast

You have opinions, I have opinions, Sometimes we agree, Sometimes we learn from each other. Sometimes the "facts" are suspect! In politics, the "facts" are often Things that can easily be manipulated. In sociology, the "facts" are often Things dependent on divergent morality. In Maths, the "facts" are often dependent on how much you know. In science, the "facts" are often Things that can not be disproved yet. In religion, the "facts" are often things which can not be proved at all. See there? We probably disagree already! Let the debates begin!

Influencer Interviews, Crypto Spotlights, Investment Competitions and more. Look us up on iTunes, Google Play, iHeartRadio, Musicoin or Spreaker. #cryptocurrency

This is a forum for open debate and discussion. We hope to create in depth dialogue on a wide range of topics. The hope is to move past Pardison thinking and dive into universal truths that produce real solutions in new ideas. Let's get the dialogue going!

Daryl Davis
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Race Reconciliator https://DarylDavis.com

I love all things outdoors! I do a lot of hiking and camping and truck camping

Steven Crowder
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http://louderwithcrowder.com for podcasts articles and videos. Join #MugClub for daily show.

Ohio, United States
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Feb 2020
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