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🔮Mystic |✨Warrior Of Light | 💪Bodybuilding |𓂀Awakening | INTP-A | "Spiritual beings having a human experience." The universe speaks in frequency. I spread the message that all is one. Energy, The zero point observer. Gnosis of self, we are "God" | Source energy | in Physical form. Consciousness is physics. I awakened many times, enlightenment is cyclical. Kundalini awakening is spinal fluid that travels up and enters your pineal gland, a dmt catalyst for multidimensional perception and greater empathic perception, the 7 hermetic principles are a good model that express universal laws once conscious and trance-ending, realizing your true nature. You create and shift into your preferred reality experience; law of vibration, law of attraction.

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A Collection of the Unexplained, Magickal, Essential, and Esoteric I'm a writer who specializes in poetry, the unexplained, and Pagan Rituals, History, and Artifacts. I love romance, sexiness, and eroticism and I appreciate the beauty found in everything in the world. My latest book is available on Amazon at this link:

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I loves to laughs. I am comedy fenatic.

INFOWARS REPORTER AGAINST GLOBALISM AND DIABETES YOUTUBE/JACKKLASSEN Jack Klassen Reptile Killer and MAGAR CHAZZ RAZZ(((TALKSHOWHOST))) facebook.comjackklassenshow twitter thejackklassen

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