I am tired of the constant attack on straight, white, Christian, men. I have made this as a place that I can point out the attacks as I see them.
Original content, truth, and healing.
embrace the suck.
I paint. Only post original content.
Gen X supremecist, Mom, Writer, Precious Metals Analyst, Doomsday Party Planner, former Comms Director for Ron Paul, Liberty
Father, Uncle, US Army soldier --- LIBERTAS EST IMMORTALIS "The state should not be a religion and nor should its citizens be heretics when they speak-out against its wrong-doings." ~ Libertas est immortalis - Freedom is Immortal --- BitChute Channel: --- I am an amateur essayist and philosopher on the internet with a knack for modern politics and social issues, in particular, gender ones. In my physical life, I am a science student and a volunteer search and rescue technician and love what I do. A lot of what I do online is theoretical analysis and rebuttals in the form of both essays and videos. You can find me in a bunch of places, and I enjoy hanging-out in libertarian and egalitarian/ men's rights circles which is where you will likely find me lurking online. _______________________________ - TOX address: 7C610FBB2A8341AFA4CC34F1A0A00FF1993D8458FEAAADBF41EC9AAC1483F81214684C0B0658 *** YOU CAN FIND ALL OF MY WORK HERE:
Pissed off with receiving falsified signals which mess up my transmissions. Trying to decode the frequencies in order to broadcast a clearer channel.     Check out my Youtube channel:  And I'm on Twitter to, where I shall be venting through shitposting mostly:
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Dec 2016
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