Yokoso watashi no tomodachi. For the love of #ink. Self taught pen wielder. #illustrations done in #dotwork, #hatching and souch stuff. Tools mostly used: #FaberCastell ink pens (0.1-0.5) #Pentel ink pens (0.3-0.7) and brush ink pen #GraphitePencils (2H-4HB)

University of Toledo, Ohio 2D Illustration, Graphic Design, Pixel Art I like bugs, video games, and drawing! Portfolio: Email: [email protected]

Drawing and watercoloring and inkwashing and zine-making Thank you to the following for your tokens! @ottman @curryhobo @chesschats @akeatorstudios @kurtisc

Hi there! I'm an artist addicited to Character Design, Manual inking, some crazy ideas for stories, games, music, eating and sleeping!

☘ "Too weird to live; Too rare to die" ☘ ~Hunter S. Thompson~

Welcome to the Choral Reef, friend. Pull out a rock and put up your fins. Let the waves wash it all away. Let the currents take you somewhere new. • Curated Playlists • • Ocular & Auditory Explorations •

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Welcome to my page! Below is a collection of my artwork - all artwork is done by me unless specifically stated otherwise. If you like what you see, please follow me for more! Have a wonderful day!

🎨 | Artist 🎸 | Musician ✨ | Unicycling Wizard You can purchase LE prints of my work, just click the link! 👇 Shop -

Jun 2019
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