Yokoso watashi no tomodachi. For the love of #ink. Self taught pen wielder. #illustrations done in #dotwork, #hatching and souch stuff. Tools mostly used: #FaberCastell ink pens (0.1-0.5) #Pentel ink pens (0.3-0.7) and brush ink pen #GraphitePencils (2H-4HB)

University of Toledo, Ohio 2D Illustration, Graphic Design, Pixel Art I like bugs, video games, and drawing! Portfolio: Email: [email protected]

Artist expressing myself through society, religion and psychedelic experiences

Drawing and watercoloring and inkwashing and zine-making Thank you to the following for your tokens! @ottman @curryhobo @chesschats @akeatorstudios @kurtisc

Independant artist

I'm an anthropomorphic character artist, incorporating various fantasy and sci-fi themes into my trade! Some tags/IPs you might find similar to my work: #redwall #mistmantle #catshitone #mouseguard #beyondthewesterndeep #chroniclesofnarnia

Hi there! I'm an artist addicited to Character Design, Manual inking, some crazy ideas for stories, games, music, eating and sleeping!

Tabi No Hana artist. Javascript ninja. Graphics design.

Engineer, Artist, Gamer, and possibly the only Model Railroader on Minds so far. Mostly trying to get an art business off the ground for now. I mostly do trains and cityscapes/landscapes right out of the imagination. I have also been known to create PC games occasionally. Any early support is greatly appreciated. Crypto-donations are welcome at the addresses below. Thanks. Website: Bitcoin: 3CSFJkTL1Y4oVeqG3gJpFGtzpgMy624KMX Ethereum: 0xcc6ba3ad02b8e249291b5adf9f392d4bd2e47aaa Litecoin: LV4WPMdic16o47FUu83yefGQY2hJwF1iLY #engineering #art #drawing #trains #gaming

☘ "Too weird to live; Too rare to die" ☘ ~Hunter S. Thompson~

Jun 2019
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