Just a penguin looking for fun.

Musician, love video games, music and food. Lives in: all over the place at this point. My youtube:

The musings of A Philosophical Mind O_____________________________O #APhilosophicalMind #Philosophy #Logic #Religion #History #Politics #Social #Science #Technology O_____________________________O Website: _______________________________ If you like you are more the welcome to support me on Patreon: or join me on discord: O_____________________________O ALL the content I create is licensed as Public Domain - No Rights Reserved, so feel free to copy/paste, use, misrepresent, mangle, etc. any and all of my content in any way you like. Recognition/a shout out to my channel, if you use my content would be nice, and very much appreciated... but not required. O_____________________________O Subscriber related content: 1,000 subscribers: An ask me anything post, where you can ask me any non-doxing (name, address, etc.) questions. Followed by an ask me anything video where I will answer the 10 most up-voted questions from the post.

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If it shapes the modern world, I talk about it on my Youtube channel. Independent. Principled. Fact-based.

Just a Pleiadian soul living in a physical human on earth, I am a "Pleiadian technology" (as your AI describes me/us), straight female, spiritual and a non religious, just,apps,links,art鉁卪editation,spirituality, some activism info, 鉁卨oving the free media network and info-ANTI tyranny of "NWO".

Ian Crossland
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Co-Founder @minds Polycultural microfragmentation of coral is where it's at:

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Let's build the alternatives!

Aspiring webcomic artist and author. I haven't done art in years but want to get back in the habit. Criticize my garbage, please

Jan 2021
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