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Serge V.
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Множу биты на байты

Arkady Alexandrov
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"I am not a know-it-all. I am a person who knows lots of things and likes to correct other people when they're wrong." Sheldon Cooper, "The Big Bang Theory" Languages: russian, czech Bio: 2002 - graduated in law from Higher school of economics, Moscow; 2009 - attorney-at-law, Czech bar association; 2020 - PhD. student, researcher, Charles university One wife, two children, two cats. Scope of interests: theory, philosophy and history of law, formal linguistics, philosophy and history of religion, cultural evolution, statistics, classical music, modern architecture, urban planning, black humor, chaosbusting, rail transport, particle physics. Disclaimer: Policy: Selected works: Legal practice: LinkedIn: ResearchGate:

Life.. Loathe it or ignore it, you can't like it!

I believe in One God, Father Almighty, Creator of the heaven and the earth, and of all things, visible and invisible.

Некогда учитель русского языка. Верстал газету, в нее же время от времени и писал. Написал куеву хучу рефератов, курсовых и дипломом для студентов. Сделал свой сайт в интернете. Он заброшен, но все еще работает. Вышел живым после операции в онкологическом диспансере. Сейчас на пенсии по инвалидности. Кандидат в мастера спорта по шахматам времен Горбачева.

California, United States
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Oct 2020
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