My Name is Senior Diddle. I Identify as a Fat Laughing Mexican Male. I Laugh at Everything! And NO, I am not a member of the Famous Diddle Family! So... Stop Asking!
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Awakened Conservative Patriot Open PGP Fingerprint: 2C22 DADD F73F 9861 A809 10CB 87E5 07F2 3A9B 6FB9

I am a Linux based software engineer, project manager and consultant currently living in Dhaka, Bangladesh. My interests range from technology to Linux entrepreneurship based on Cutting-edge technology. I am also interested in innovation, web development and programming. Technology Stack: - Anything goes Linux - Git, GitHub, GitLab - ASP.NET Web API, C# - SQL Server, MariaDB, MongoDB, PostgreSQL - Auto DevOps, Docker, Docker Compose, Puppet, vagrant, kubernetes cluster - LAMP, LEMP, MEAN Stack Development - WordPress Development

"remoralise the demoralised" is my new slogan, that and, "depopulate the depopulaters", i am very cynical about cynics and extremely judgemental about judgemental people - - World government in operation democracy inoperative its not even about the vaccine but the passport, none shall be allowed to trade without the mark of the vaccination, no jab no job, world government in operation, world revolution necassary now. Musician, singer. Please check tunes on. Https://WWW.RUB.FM it will play in the background Fakebook is where you lie to your friends, minds is where you tell the truth to complete strangers. People pretend to be stupid elsewhere, the truth produces intelligence. I'm a musician in London with no music left no clubs no venues no festivals deleted Facebook ages ago and used to have 1000s of subscribers on minds but deleted this too (@rubb the old one) made this new one recently, 3 b's. Music, permaculture, turn the deserts green Planetary Healing by SAVE LONDON Peace love and revolution, @rubbb

I'm a “Boudoir in Nature” model. My photos is: -= ART =-

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Father of twins and I am a also fan of Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) and DuelistKing I had most of their NFTs. #Win2Earn.

I’m a white male that is biased toward ethnic women. Gingers on occasion, because they should be considered a race of their own. Even though I gravitate towards ethnic women I also post photos of white women as well. (What can I say? I’m just trying to be inclusive here.) NSFW content also shared on my channel of intimacy and hard erotica of white men with ethnic women. All photos/videos are 3rd party and the subjects are 18+ per original source of photos and videos.

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Atheist, pacifist, misanthrope, tech head, internet junkie, master site admin, erotica author, animal lover, nature enthusiast, freak, in love, and other tidbits. Happily with an awesome girl for more than 15 years. Two decades on-line, you can't shock me. All around nice guy with strange fantasies. In existence for more than 4 decades. Loving life!

Long Beach
Oct 2021
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