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Streamlining Sidebar Supporters And Offers

Scott CunninghamAug 31, 2018, 1:17:05 AM

People are always looking for different ways to get noticed and utilize their earnings to help better their reach and awareness. One interesting reward system that I myself have adopted is having a wall of fame so to speak where you recognize those who have donated to you once they have donated a certain amount.

This is a great way to get your profile seen on other people's profiles and encourage more people to transact with one another and give a win-win deal for people who are willing to donate to you and then receive something ideal in return. 

I'm making this post to share the fact that I am participating in this as well and you can feel free to send me 5 or more tokens to receive that benefit as outlined on my rewards, but also because I'd like to know who else is offering this type of donation reward to get a better feel for the community and who is doing this and take advantage of the great opportunities there.

So feel free to throw a comment below letting people know that you are offering that type of reward and we can get some insight on this!

In my group below you can join and share the fact that you do this and share what type of offers you'd be willing to accept and for how much. This group is meant to help create a place where you find out what different people are offering and get a better idea of the market for offers and who is offering sidebar space on their profile to appear on. 

Minds Boosting

The idea here is that we can streamline the efficiency of these different opportunities and make it easier to find lists and information about who is utilizing it currently and or willing to use offers.

I would love to hear from you, so let me know!


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