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Don't Panic! It's Probably Just A Glitch

Scott CunninghamAug 27, 2018, 6:30:01 AM

So as I was going back and linking all my blogs together and doing some general administrative work on Minds I noticed one of my blogs was missing and then I'm like well geez I'm going to have to remake it.

So I spend 20 minutes reformatting as luckily I had it elsewhere and as I finally hit post I go back and see the blog that had disappeared and I'm like WOW...

So I delete the newly made replacement and then it's gone again so I'm sitting here puzzled. Then I realize that it was the ordering of the blogs somehow that caused this issue. I tested this theory by making a draft post in "My Blogs"

Of course, I was not surprised to then see my blog reappear

So I wanted to make this blog right away in case this has ever happened to you and or to let people know they haven't lost their content if this appears to have happened to you. Lastly, it's for the devs so that they are aware and can correct this!

Anyways, hope this helped you :)


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