Melissa Clair

I help people find their purpose in life using tarot cards, and human design chart reading.
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Photographer World of mushrooms group: All my content marked with #myphoto is original. Thank you for tips and everything !!!

I'm Erwin and I'm an author. This is my SFW account where it will be strictly articles about writing, the stories I'm writing, and any art I do. Find me on parler, ruqqus, reddit, and join our discord. Links are in the social links below

Here to share videos and picture, as well as conservative views. Follow me on #rumble : user name LongHornCove

Homesteading is a collaboration with nature. It nurtures beauty, creativity, and self-empowerment. As artists, my husband and I were drawn to this lifestyle. Follow us on Minds as we share the development of our food forest, our music, arts and crafts projects, and our journey towards self-sufficiency. Visit to see our events schedule, join our mailing list, or purchase our handmade chain maille jewelry, which supports our homestead. - Liza - Composer, Multimedia Artist, & Homesteader that Loves Free Speech

Hello! I am Chloe, creating calming content, healing with herbalism & planting for pollinators 🦋🐝🌿

photographer, woodworker, creator

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Physics student with a particular interest in Plasma fusion interactions, Energy systems/ Propulsion systems and Nuclear energy (Fusion is my passion). First-gen student

I'm not dissing paradise but everyone is going to hell

Mar 2020
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