Blakjak the Ungovernable
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Stanch individualist free speech constitutional libertarian. You cant comply your way out of tyranny. Any mortal who says we're herd animals intends to be our Shepard. If you don't like American culture get out. Find me; Abandoned;
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Knowledge is Free, We are Anonymous, We are Legion, We do not Forgive, We do not Forget, Expect Us! Trusted Channels: @govspiders @anonymity @ottman //This channel is merely the thoughts, opinions, ideas, and suggestions of the ones running it. We will share information, post questions, and indulge in some discussions. This channel is not an "official" Anonymous channel, we are not leaders, you do not "join" us, and we do not control nor give orders. As none of that is possible and we have no interest in it. We are just few amongst millions who support Anonymous and fellow Anons. Thank you!\\

YouTube Social Commentator. AntiFeminist. AntiSJW. Egalitarian. Autodidact. Wife. Mama

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I'm Brian. My aim is to create relevant content that impacts, engages and entertains! Enjoy!

I make political, cultural, and gaming videos. I shit post, rant, and argue on twitter follow me there for video uploads and tons of fun!

Straight, White, Conservative, Christian, God-Fearing, Gun-Toting Army Veteran

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Glad I could help.

Just a Fool on a journey. Follow me on any of these prestigious platforms to see replays, memes and ill advised arguments with strangers.

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YouTuber who talks about news, politics, entertainment and social issues.

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Sep 2016
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