銆斤笍 Memes & things 馃摬

Street art, cityscapes, wandering adventures. Documenting the apocalypse one day at a time live from NYC

My life revolves around sailing and rejuvenating old boats.

Graphic Designer, Encourager, Web Researcher, Crypto Enthusiast - Only those who never give up will be able to reach their targets!

Birthed betwixt an African and A European, Half Ice people Half Sun people. Either way I am a Heretic. Born within the capitalistic confines of the white inferiority complex projected as supreme my mind has been brainwashed by materialism, white jesus, personality, and addiction to base Shakras. Ma'at often leaving messages and signs to steer me back on the path of the Sun. Finally I heard the Soul Sonic Sonar frequency forcing the seeds to awaken. Black revolutionary music, Ayahuasca, Vipassna, Mdu Neter, and yes even white Landmark Education and white revolutionaries from Gramsci, Sheldon Wollin, Chris Hedges distinguished the lies of white elite power structures. The hoarding and the sociopathic psychotic emotionally retarded regressive doctrines of Original sin, Jesus' atonement, Christian racism, sexism and rape culture, Binary world views, Rational determinism, Social Darwinism, Neo-liberal economics, "Work hard to become a material success" within the scam of a meritocracy, were seen for what they are - a dumb elite kabbalah of spoiled white children who just cant share who compensated with power and control instead of sharing and loving. The traumatized project and introject their issues onto the world, smash up and corrupt the sacred. Nothing has any intrinsic value to them. They are a manifestation of wants substituted for needs. And humanity sees them for what they are - merely frightened children looking for Mummy and Daddys approval. Insecurity expressed by every "national security measure" from authoritarian police to surveillance corporate state fighting "the terrorists." And so THE HERETIC, a paradox was born. But I stand with HERU-tage...MA'AT HOTEP!

Mar 2020
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