Safety & Violence

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what the heck is goin' on? nobody's ever seen anything like it! ——- whatever ‘it’ may or may not be, eh?
#KingWolf ______________________________________ (Read till Bottom) To put it simply Ive gotten tired of waiting for someone to save us and if this world wont act then ill do it myself. With my own 2 hands i wish to create the change i believe we need in the world to provide a real future full of possibilities. ______________________________________ Sign petition: (In Link Below) Signing this petition wont solve the problems right away however I'm saying ill do what needs to be done if you're tired of the way our world leaders treat the very home we all share then let me help. Would you like to buy me a coffee? (ENERGY) ______________________________________ (Donation Link Below) ______________________________________ Merchandise Link Below ______________________________________ 10% of everything i make goes towards my goal of creating a free education platform to replace the way this world learns. This education platform will be ran by and owned by the people. ______________________________________
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Jan 2017
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