Firstborn son of 1968, all the experiments of my hippie parents were done on me, rejected all that junk and sought to emulate my grandpa and his fathers, a master carpenter by trade, a constant builder and maker of things large and small, I seek to emulate my Creator and follow His Son Jesus Christ. I love my Country, but we were usurped a long time ago, I pray for the return of our old Republic.
Truth Seeker, regardless of where it leads. The Truth does not fear investigation.
Fighting for truth and freedom when and wherever possible.
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Anonymous , meme hunter , nature , free your mind .
Just a Fool on a journey. Follow me on any of these prestigious platforms to see replays, memes and ill advised arguments with strangers. https://gab.ai/AllHailTheFool https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqy0bE4bl1-N-de4ANipZYQ https://www.bitchute.com/channel/u9JSDZ8Gd
No brakes on this train.
People's NDE Testimonies To Hell & Back
Nov 2020
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