Ryan Putland
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Once upon a time people believed that the earth was flat (unfortunately it seems in recent times that nonsensical belief is resurfacing). Through some remarkable feats of human persistence and zeal, an alternative explanation and belief eventually took hold thanks to the scientific method combined with some very intelligent and persistent scientists. Sometimes people hold assumptions that they believe wholeheartedly to be true at the time, only to hopefully be slowly turned when a courageous few persist against overwhelming and sometimes life threatening odds, opposition and adversity to show them another perspective. Reality is subjective and is always in the eye of the beholder. Things can, and will, always change. As they should. Oh, and we're also probably in something along the lines of "The Matrix", but don't lose hope.. even then while in it, it still felt as real as real will ever get. No matter what's happening around you, whether it be good or bad, you must hold on to hope that things will always inevitably change. I am autistic, schizophrenic, OCD, have ADHD and C-PTSD. Life is challenge enough without the added bonuses that these little gems bring to the table. I try to cope the best that I can but the only real way I get through is from the kindness of strangers and the help from my family. Thanks mum, I love you. Proud member of the Australian & NSW Greens Political Party. "If you find yourself up s#!t creek without a paddle then you best start getting your hands dirty."
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