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ima post lewds, and dm nudes ima dude

It me Julia the great onion lord draenei ass enthusiast

She/They, Young adult, (Carrd coming soon!)

Hi hi! I'm Mimi Mima Mimuzcha, a 459 year old mage. I was once on twitter before getting struck down.. but now I'm here to have fun with everyone~!

I like video games, anime, and waifus. That is all. Also, I hate authoritarians who want to control everything and erase freedoms and waifus.

I like lolis, VTubers, and shitty gacha games (Azur Lane does all three!). I also watch anime and play real games but not very often because I'm usually watching Vtubers.

Just a horny fellow , o yeah im not only a loli lover , i like milfs , shotas , traps and some more~

Thirsting for Mona and Jean fulfilled.

Coomer/Weeb into all kind of hentai stuff, feel free to PM me! im happy to talk about lewds in general

Jan 2021
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