Richard V Elvis Making the world more beautiful, one drawing at the time
I’m a singer/songwriter producing my own music and am now immersing myself in the study of permaculture. My current passion is seeing and understanding the connectivity of all life, and especially the relationship between the health of our soils, our earth, our ecosystems, and our own spiritual, mental and physical health. I want to channel my own anger about the massive levels of greed and injustice we see around us, as well as the mass blind acceptance of the lies we are fed through our MSM, into creating and promoting beauty as well as standing up for the truth.
This page is for those who seek self- awareness and are ready to take consistent, daily action to reach their goals.
We really aren't a thing per se *giggle* but I see things in ways that you probably dont so that makes two of us now~
My name is Abdullah. I am a student of Web Developer and working in Graphic Designing.I am 22years old.
Indie Game Developer | Streamer | Musician | Round 2 Rumble Partner Creator of #Quadice. Myself and @twoeliz stream every day. Shedule is here:
writer, artist, creator, seer I want to stimulate the imagination in the subtlest of ways. This world in which we live is full of countless hidden secrets. Things that appear "normal" are anything but, if given any deeper a look. Deepen your look. Doors can lead anywhere. Things that appear permanent are fleeting. That retaining wall that marks the boundary between sidewalk and cemetery? It struggles against nature and inevitable decay, but to the unattuned eye it's a permanent fixture. How false. Architecture is suffused with meaning far beyond its outward appearance. Everything around us serves as reservoirs of time and living (withering) monuments to entropy. Look twice at the mundane and wonder: Am I seeing what's really there? Or is what I see but a construction of my trained mind? Look closer and wonder. (note: all content here, unless otherwise noted, is original)
Dec 2018
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