Return Viewer's Guide

Viewing Advice For Future Viewers This is a fact for me and I know that sooner or later this will also be a fact for everyone: The physical theory for making the moon and it's geochemical prediction not matching observations problem can be understood once one realizes that it was a giant hit and run impact event and that impactor Theia remained intact and that it continues to orbit between the moon the earth in our present day. By a lucky fluke while looking at the Moon I saw the speeding forward rolling astronomical object that orbits down across between the Moon and the Earth. I also saw how the Object intercepts and suddenly changes the way the light from the Moon looks and behaves. By luck I looked up at the right time and I ended up seeing the fantastic ancient thing that happens and so can you! At a basic level it's all about looking up in the direction of the Moon at the right time when the Object is back in between the Moon and the Earth so that you will get to see how the Object drastically fantastically effects the light from the Moon. The Object is profoundly important to the Moon and the Earth and the solar system. I don't have the words to adequately convey to you how important I think the Changed and Lasting light from the Moon is to you me every single person on the Earth. Look over the speeding Object's upper right horizon and to the right in an uninterrupted manner and you will see and you will know exactly what happens when the point of the big main central shadow strikes and then fantastically sculpts and creates in the distance of the primordial Changed and Lasting Light from the Moon! The speeding Object's powerful forces change the light from the Moon and the light from the background of space in the most spectacular incredible ways as seen over the forward rolling Object's upper right horizon and to the right of the Object when it is orbiting down across in front of the Moon. Everything that happens and everything that you see happening in the Moon's suddenly Changed and Lasting Light happens in the exact same way every time the speeding forward rolling moon colored Object returns and then crosses down in front of the Moon. When I describe what the Moon's incredible changed light looks like and what I saw happening I am also describing what will be seen again hopefully by you, and what has always been seen by people anyone who looked up at the right time when this incredibly ancient speeding forward rolling astronomical Object is crossing down through in front of the Moon. It turns out that somehow there actually really is a big fantastic ancient thing that happens and this is it! The very ancient forward rolling speeding Object is beyond stunning and spectacular but somehow it turns out that it's all about the point of a shadow and the fantastically changed incredible spectacular light from the Moon! Share and print the free Return Viewer's Guide .pdf All my information and descriptions of the Object and how it intercepts and fantastically changes the light from the Moon, my website content and 99.99% of my book content is free for everyone for; Non-Commercial Purposes. All Rights Reserved _______________________ ____________ _____
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