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REMINDER It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it. NOTICE!!! A REMINDER Just because you see me post about something, does NOT mean i BELIEVE it, AGREE WITH IT, SUBSCRIBE TO IT, THINK IT'S A GOOD IDEA, etc... It also doesn't mean i think YOU should believe it, or agree with it, or even read/view it... It also doesn't mean i am trying to encourage myself or anyone else to believe in, or accept something... i read about HIGHLY controversial subjects OFTEN.. not because i am trying to BELIEVE or DISBELIEVE them... i am just examining the collective field of consciousness... people also sometimes are easily confused because they don't realize that my responses are sometimes intentionally constrained by a CONTEXT, or contexts, created by the subject, or the idea being presented... i.e. if you're arguing in a 2D mindset, and you don't understand 3D, i'm going to stay in 2D language, even thought i know the Nth-D solution. I examine MANY ideas and concepts, and sometimes, i might even post an article to read later, or just because i noticed ONE TINY correlation with some other obscure unrelated, or related idea/subject i'm chasing down/examining... so, take it ALL with a grain of salt... It is the mark of an EDUCATED MIND to be able to ENTERTAIN an IDEA without ACCEPTING [believing/subscribing/agreeing/endorsing/etc] it. ~ Aristotle Just because i mention a shortcoming with subject A, does NOT mean i automatically subscribe to it's polar opposite -- subject B, or vice versa... Just because i see some aspect of Capitalism that i consider a flaw, doesn't mean i endorse socialism. Just because i find some aspect of one political idea to be interesting, doesn't mean i am aligned with that platform... Forget ALL of your assumptions, and let go of ALL of your unconscious self-contradictory fundamental assumptions upon which all of you other assumptions are balancing on... Pursue The TRUTH, the WHOLE truth, and NOTHING but the TRUTH, no distortions, no DOUBLESPEAK, no clever HALF-TRUTHS... no hyperbole-presented-as-'truth', no presenting pure IMAGINATION as if it is realist in the present. (example, IMAGINING something terrible about someone, and presuming it's true just because you FEEL like it -- then assuming it's the UNQUESTIONABLE TRUTH and DEMANDING REAL WORLD bow to imagined justice)... GOLDEN RULE(S) DO/BE unto Others, that which You would NOT mind if Others DO/BE unto You. Do NOT DO/BE unto Others, that which You would NOT want Others to DO/BE unto You. All TRANSACTIONS should be MUTUALLY PROSPERING SATISFYING TO BOTH PARTIES with FULL DISCLOSURE. heart facebook. com/etyrnal [digitally assassinated after 13 years in May of 2020 by Zuckerberg's lemmings, without reason, without warning, without prior offenses, and without recourse -- 13 years of family pictures, videos, stories, several large active personal groups - severance of family communication - etc]

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Good morning from North Carolina hope all is good have a wonderful day it very cold here this morning it 32 stay warm your friend Ann have a bless day

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Norwegian pipefitter. Journeyman traveling around Scandinavia doing construction. Posting memes I’ve stolen from other places #notmymemes. I like cool stuff and nice things I got molested by a middle aged woman on the train last week

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