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 “Biết quản lý tiền bạc thì không nghèo, có kế hoạch thì không loạn, giỏi chuẩn bị thì không bận”
This is a news and op-ed aggregation Channel. By analyzing the nature of the lies that corporate media outlets tell, a skilled Truther can extrapolate to the truth which MSM are trying to hide with an almost intuitive level of speed and accuracy. Notice to pedophiles and child-traffickers: (NIV) Luke 17:2  It would be better for them to be thrown into the sea with a millstone tied around their neck than to cause one of these little ones to stumble.
Hello 🇹🇭🕊️ Politics is everywhere. It's in ur shirt. It's in ur pants. It is everywhere 💜 💜Reading historical chinese novel💜
Paleolibertarian Canadian that lives in its capital. I am bilingual French/English. I enjoy non-mainstream music, beer, weed, psychedelics, and grilled cheeses.. I'm a psychonaut and microdosing expert that loves nature, freedom, and liberty. Well-versed in programming/coding and AI/Machine Learning. I also make way too much music that nobody cares about.
Just a heads up this entire channel is NSFW!
เป็นคนตรงๆแต่ถ้าเจอทางโค้งก็เลี้ยว;-; |ทักมาคุยเล่นกัน ฉันเมน แทฮยอง ทุกคนรู้ เพื่อนฉันรู้ ผีในห้องฉันนรู้แต่แทฮยองไม่รู้#Bts #taehyung💜🐯✨
ไม่เป็นสลิ่ม สนใจเศรฐกิจการเมืองสังคม #mindsTH #NOCPTPP
Infinite Potential Counseling Inc provides integrative mental health for children, families, couples, and adults in Round Rock, Texas.
Abuja, Federal Capital Territory, Nigeria
Jul 2021
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