My name is Regan Keely. I am here because I love life, I love God, I love humanity, I love creating, I love Being, I love LOVE and I want to express my heart with the world with the intention that it assists in a unique and potent way. My desire is to simply be me; to inspire people, to remind them of their greater awareness/love/power that has always been withIN us through it all, and to have fun while doing it. I am a messenger. I am a song-writer, an artist, a musician, a poet. I am a healer, a seer, a Reiki Master/Teacher, an alchemist, a lead-by-example-er, a student of life, a traveler, a mystic. I am a visionary. I love FREEDOM and TRUTH and seek it every day of my life. I love true rEVOLUTION, pioneering, creativity, expansion, originality, innovation in harmony with nature. I love practical solutions and revealing illusions. I love transformation and simplicity. I love going into the depths of the mystery and celebrating it ALL as it is. I love shining light on the unseen. I LOVE LAUGHING until my stomach hurts. And I REALLY LOVE breaking out of the old boxes and remembering who I truly am. Like you, a child of God; a child of the universe: infinitely infinite- eternally worthy of all the love and beauty life has to offer. It is an honor to be here and connecting with you all at this time.
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