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Why the gender debate doesn’t matter to me as a Libertarian.

RedlegMar 7, 2020, 3:20:35 PM

     Like many people who are following today's social policies and ideas, I have run across the idea that there is no real gender. It is something you self-identify as. Biological sex however is quite scientifically solid. Count the X and Y chromosomes and that is your biological sex. There are natural variations to such as inter-sex. Statistically though, this is not very common. Here is why none of this matters.

     You should be allowed to do whatever the hell you want as long as you are not hurting anyone else. Period. The idea of Liberty, as many would concede is the idea that a free people should not have to ask permission. It is the single most important idea behind liberty. We formed a new country because of a stamp tax. Now we are trying to tell some dude who feels pretty in a dress he is a bad person and should be shunned from society. Why? Does this person’s money spend differently? Does this person have zero ideas worth hearing because he does not like wearing pants and collared shirts? How about a man who feels like they were born in the wrong body? Should this man now be forced to hate himself because you are incapable of just looking the other way or is that person’s life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness less significant than yours? Are we all born with certain inalienable rights or not? If someone is happy getting breast augmentation does it matter if it’s a woman or a biological man? Anyone man who has seen Blaire White in a Sunday dress will quickly begin doubting their own sexuality. That’s ok. She has a fiancé so you don’t need to worry about what you would do if given the opportunity, but why should the answer to that matter? There are so many questions you can ask yourself about this, but in the end life, liberty, pursuit of happiness and property are the cornerstones of this country. To deny those to someone you don’t understand or refuse to understand is hypocritical at an immeasurable scale.

     Let’s examine some real issues though. I don’t want to just type on about rights. I am sure people who watch Ben Shapiro have seen him cover this story here. To summarize a trans man arrived at a hospital with severe abdominal pains. He was admitted, told the nurses and doctor he was a man, and then after everyone were trying to figure out what was wrong, this man squeezed out a stillborn baby. I saw many takes on this. Why do we care? The baby was dead before it was born. I am sure there are several factors why, but in the end the only actual life that was threatened in that moment was the human being in question. Now I’m ok with the hospital charging this person for being too stupid to understand that they still had their vagina and uterus and not informing the doctors of this fact resulting in wrong tests, bad diagnoses but in the end, who the hell cares? Listen to me carefully, WHO THE HELL CARES? Did this person impede on your liberty? Was your gun safe being raided by this person? We all know the biggest threat to liberty is big government and hypocrisy. The DEA and ATF affect your daily liberty more than trans persons living their lives no matter how confused you may think they are.

     We should be joining hands, trans, gay, straight, and apache attack helicopter and looking at DC. DC is the threat to our way of life, not Blaire White or Willam Belli.

     Lastly I would like to address the strawman. Trans people have no higher rate of pedophilia than “binary” average people. The rate at which female teachers are soliciting sex from students is higher. This article links to a study in which 269 cases of child sexual abuse were studied and only two of the cases involved someone who identified as gay, lesbian or bisexual. 0.7% is a statistic that would make you feel comfortable enough to do any other activity so why in this case is everyone so scared?

     Recent highlights of distasteful behavior in libraries by some drag queens highlights that bad decisions can be made by people of every persuasion. This isn’t something the entire community thinks is a good idea. It was some individuals who have questionable morals and I would hesitate to link the manner of dress to the ideas. If you don’t want your kid being read to by a drag queen, don’t take them there. It really is that simple.

     There are statistics, there is reasoning of thought, and there are multiple examples of why using outward appearance to judge the character of fellow citizens and humans is a bad approach. I hear white people now talk about how they are the ones feeling discriminated against as they get offended at the idea of a rainbow flag in the same breath. Let’s be better. Let’s be consistent. If you don’t want someone kicking in your door taking your new AR build from you by force, then let people dress how they want, and you may learn we can bring the shunned of society over to our side. The side of individual liberty.