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Why I don't care about your defense of Derek Chauvin or if he really killed George Floyd.

RedlegApr 9, 2021, 12:55:32 AM

I just don't care about the outcome of the trial. The outcome will most likely be an acquittal of murder and the best possible outcome is manslaughter in my opinion. I still don't care. I don't care if the speed ball they found in his car is what killed him. He's dead. It's a tragedy. blah blah blah. 

Here is what I really care about. Those who defend Derek Chauvin, irrelevant of the outcome of his detention of George Floyd. This isn't about murder. It's about the the citizens of supposedly the freest country on the face of this earth, arguing for the state to have the authority to empower their armed enforcers to put their knee on your neck under any circumstance. If you are an advocate of gun rights, or if you own an AR pistol, as the ATF classifies them, or if you sell your buddy that old bolt action rifle you don't ever use, the Federal Government can come put their knee on your neck. I'm not going to mention what the ATF does to family pets.* 

We know, LEOs will use force and escalate almost every given situation because it is what they are trained to do. Taking control of a situation as they are taught to do is by definition an escalation. They will use any means to do so, and you are screaming at BLM for opposing this. Yes you, who repeats tropes of freedom and liberty. They guy who flies the Gadsden flag underneath his thin blue line flag. The blue does not back you my fellow citizen. Understand this. The blue's job shifted starting in the 70s from protect and serve to actual law enforcement. Enforcement is what they do. It's their only mandate

So before you jump to the defense of Chauvin or any cop, understand it could easily be you in that position. You could be Ryan Whitaker Tony Timpa Duncan Lemp Daniel Shaver Rhogena Nicholas and Dennis Tuttle Margarita “Maggie” Victoria Brooks  or thanks to Biden's new nominee to head the ATF, this could be your home in the near future. 

So before you go and start letting the media goad you into some race war that really doesn't and shouldn't exist, consider that maybe those you defend would just as soon put you down, or burn you down to the ground than have to be bothered treating you like a free man. 

In Liberty




*For more on this I recommend Crime A Day on Twitter. Truly fascinating the number of laws on the books.