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What the elites don’t understand about why people buy into the Q conspiracy.

RedlegDec 2, 2020, 1:02:31 AM

     I listen to many podcasts. Top of my list is The Fifth Column. This is a podcast headed by Kmele Foster with Michael Moynihan and Matt Welch. Three journalists from separate publications who occasionally get together and record their musings on current events or interview someone who is relevant to current events. Often Kmele takes a calm rational approach to whichever subject and for months now I have been entertained as they argue back and forth and rarely completely agree about anything. The push and pull feels authentic. The latest episode however, halfway through the subject of Q  anon came up. They discussed every reason under the sun, that they could think of, for why people would believe in such “utter nonsense”. From senility to paranoid schizophrenia they missed the mark in every regard that matters. 

     I myself do not buy into it. I have had it all explained to me in detail from a fellow veteran who served with me in Iraq and Afghanistan. He understands “the message” (as stated by him) well enough he was able to break it down to me in easy to understand chunks. It isn’t really that complicated. This is where the elites who hold themselves above us as they wrap themselves in bubbles created by the words that spew forth from their keyboards completely misinterpret why it is so appealing. As my friend explained it to me, there was talk of what went wrong and why. There was no aspect of this part of the explanation that did not make sense to me. The dollar continues to lose value, manufacturing is going away through trade agreements and crony capitalism at its absolute worst. The military industrial complex is in full swing, ensuring there is always a new regime to overthrow or new reasons to re-up all those contracts they live off of. Virtually every issue Libertarians talk about was mentioned. No one ever talked to these people about Libertarianism though, because the party sucks at spreading the message. Instead the average person is accurately identifying much of what ales America from government corruption and deep state bureaucrats setting policy while not being beholden to any form of accountability, to regulatory capture and federal overreach. They feel like they don't belong in the country of their birth, because all they hear from media is how evil they are because they don't want government healthcare. That because of the color of their skin, they are born with original sin. CRT(Critical Race Theory) plays a large part in the hopelessness many feel. It espouses every idea they were taught to reject growing up, and now the worst part is that those ideas they were taught were toxic are being aimed at them. What they don’t know is that voting for Republicans and Democrats will not yield any new results as they are all in it together. They still believe the system can be saved.

     So here is what the elites get wrong. The average person who is identifying all of these issues sees people talking about a group of veterans and patriots, who are working from within the deep state to prop up Donald Trump so he can use his executive authority to “drain the swamp” and they think that because they have identified everything that is wrong within our government that those who love America and work for the government have also seen this and are willing to commit to a long game operation to try to put a stop to all of these woes we all see everyday. That there is a secret civil war within our government and that there are still people fighting for the little guy. When you are desperate and hopeless to see your liberty returned, your ability to earn a living to reappear and your taxes to quit going to military contractors who rake in billions every year funded directly from your blood sweat and tears, how could you not take homage in this theory? How could you not look with hope that something will change? The people felt powerless until Q anon.

     Q believers aren’t the septuagenarians that Kmele and Welch claim they are. They are not the majority. Q believers want something to happen because they are scared of what really needs to be done and the last dripping of hope is this secret benevolent group of patriots who are going to overthrow the CIA cabal that is pulling the strings in the background with Soros and Rothschild destroying our country. Hell I want to believe it. The problem is I worked inside the government for 20 years and no one gives a shit about the little guy. They got theirs. Congratulations, your tax dollars are being distributed to individuals who are going to retire better off than you, and they will never be without. They won’t make those hard decisions about which utility bill to pay this month. They will keep taking in the money and retire to a small farm in the middle of their favorite state and never think twice about you. 

     Here is my greatest fear and my greatest hope rolled into one. The day all of these American realize no one is working inside to save them, they will momentarily lose hope. Then they will be pissed. Everyone I have talked to is doing what I have been doing; stockpiling ammo and food. They have been going to the range and they have been considering how to find a squad without ending up on an FBI watch list and they have been teaching their children how to take care of the home when they are away. You don’t have to be a Libertarian to read the writing on the wall. You do have to live in your elite bubble padded by the publications who make you feel special to not see it though. That is where the elites get it wrong, and I fear they will not be spared if/when what we all feel in the air happens.

In Liberty