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Struggling with the Culture War

RedlegApr 14, 2022, 1:55:40 AM

There are two facets of the culture war that are equally separate and together at the same time. It’s not even a Schrodinger's cat situation, it’s like in the age of film when two pictures would get developed on top of each other. Separate pictures but now the same. So here is where my struggle occurs. It’s my principles. I don’t think the government has a role in anything. I don’t think it should exist. I also acknowledge that it does, and I, in some small part am beholden to it because it maintains a monopoly of violence over me just as it does everyone else. So in so long as I am forced to live in this uncomfortable situation I acknowledge that there are certain politics that are better than others. Sometimes I understand why the post libertarians of the Mises Republican Caucus take the approach they do. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, look into Pete Quinones or  Tho Bishop

Where does the culture war fit into this? I cringe to think that the government should be making laws about parental decisions. I really can’t think of one situation where it hasn’t gone wrong. While many think that there should be a Child Protective Services, and it seems like the best possible state based solution, CPS has also destroyed families with over zealous nanny state bullshit. It is with this understanding I am skeptical of any state law that forbids medical procedures that are approved by the parents, who have more incentive to act on behalf of their progeny than the state does. I mean when has the state ever tried to act on behalf of its citizens and not made things worse in the long run? This can be demonstrated over and over. It is a known fact that gender dysphoria is a real thing. If passing as “how you feel” is easier when transition starts young, then who are any of us to use the government to stop them? It is also true that a large percentage of those who are “forcefully transitioned” by parents under ideological purposes turn out to not in actuality have this affliction. So ideology is in fact hurting many young men and women. So shouldn't we do something about it, given that we live in a statist paradigm? Whose rights supersede whose? 

Is this a place for the state or not? I know I don’t think it’s a good idea to transition children without some serious diagnostics done by professionals outside of the ideological spectrum. This is of course a utopian idea. These people are few and far between and cannot possibly service that many people. Therefore it would make sense to side with the statistically larger population in question, being those who regret transition but are irrevocably changed. Then again, if transition is not done when young, one grows up and also becomes irrevocably changed through puberty, making transition difficult. Few have managed passing as well as the anomalous Blaire White. So one side is still forcing another side into their ideological worldview. Abortion, Gay Marriage, and BLM to name a few just divide too many people. All of them I can understand both sides perfectly although I have my own opinions culturally and governmentally which aren't always the same.

What the fuck do I do with this? The truth is the answer is less government for so many reasons, but we have one. A large one with even more powerful States who are hell bent on flexing their 10th amendment muscles because they can.ck . Instead of using that muscle to remove government from citizens lives, they insert it. Both sides make me sick. The vilest shit I have ever seen has come from Christians and how they talk about gay people, and secular progressives in how they talk about anyone who isn’t wholesale on board with their lunacy. I see this happening within libertarian circles as well. I have even fallen into the mire once or twice if only to challenge the other person's view for the sake of my own views. It's a strange time we live in and I'm not sure what to make of it. My children will one by one leave the nest into this world my generation has left behind for them. Not that my generation ever had much political power, but my generation failed because it neglected to participate in politics and remove the septuagenarians who are imposing their will over us at the Federal level, nor the sycophants in state governments across the country.

Let's just all agree that the citizenry is not the enemy. The Cathedral, those who would rule over us, are the enemy. If collectively this can be eliminated or diminished, maybe, just maybe most of this woke bullshit goes away, because culturally it would never be tolerated, and politically it would become useless. 

In Liberty