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Random thoughts on the future.

RedlegMar 24, 2021, 6:31:12 PM

The world is shit lately. Online we have to dodge BS politics that usually miss the mark. In real life we have to worry about our fellow citizen taking a partisan side and using the state to enact their own ignorant ideas on us. Whether its the lady in the park calling the cops because a black man dared question her about leash policy, or neighbors reporting you for having too many people over.  

The only answer is to make the government not matter, and build communities. Becoming ungovernable isn't a hashtag, it's an attitude and lifestyle. Honor the idea of non-aggression and ethical trade with your fellow citizen. Build an economy of self reliance within your community.  Communities are how we over come this. It's how we move forward.  

Keep it local. Online groups are not the communities that matter most. They matter for information sharing, which is powerful. The state can still own you though. They can still stop you or some corporation can just sever the connection. You can't eat a tweet. Reminding won't put eggs in the fridge.  

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Become that which many looked to. The outcast, the outlaw, the cowboy. The one who manages their own outcomes with determination. The path is scary. I'm on it now. If I fail my family is worse off than when I began. The idea is not success, it's survival. It's a sea change. IT IS NECESSARY. This is not a call to arms. It is a call to individuality and voluntary cooperation.  

In Liberty.