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If you believe in liberty and live in a city, you are part of the problem.

RedlegSep 9, 2022, 1:16:10 PM

      I know the title is incendiary, but that’s the point. There are too many people I respect that continue to stay in places like Los Angeles, giving everything they have to try to affect change. This would be noble if they weren’t speaking to both the choir and a brick wall. You see the choir has already bought in. The brick wall is immovable and unless you pick up a sledgehammer, it will continue to be so. 

     Those same people, who proclaim the need for the second amendment would never themselves pick up a rifle and do what needs to be done. Why? Because the enemy is almost ethereal in its existence. Let’s say you grab a squad and manage to make a plan without the FBI getting inside. You capture your city council or your state capital. Then what? You will be killed with overwhelming force, the government will keep on keepin’ on, and you will be dead and your family will be out one husband and father. You will have accomplished nothing. 

     Never again will we see a continental congress type gathering where the adults in the room, who’s main goal is liberty, come to a conclusion after many attempts to reconcile. Voting is the reconciliation that is supposed to happen but anyone paying attention knows voting is ineffectual. A smarter person than me once said, “if voting actually worked, it would be illegal.”

     So what does this have to do with the title of this blog? Insanity is doing the same thing over and over, expecting different results. Cities take the resources of the rural community, use them inefficiently, create waste, pollute the air, destroy the environment, then legislate against those who live in rural areas like they are the problem. By living in a city, you are actually part of the problem, no matter how much you rail against the system, you are complicit in the tyranny of the masses. No amount of activism can wash away that fact. The California water wars are a perfect example. Legislators making it harder to grow food, so the government that is legitimized through dependence can steal property, are only able to do so because you live in the city. Even if all you can afford is one acre in a rural community, then do it. Leave. Quit legitimizing the cathedral. 

     Liberty means living in spite of the government, not for it, or because of it. Freedom is hard, dangerous, and necessary. Stop feeding the best. 

In liberty