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What does it mean to be ungovernable?

RedlegJan 21, 2021, 7:50:56 PM

     What does it mean to be ungovernable? That is the question. By now you may have seen me using this "hashtag" in most of my posts. In short it means living your life morally without the consent or interference of the government. This is easily accomplished in some areas and not so easily accomplished in others.

     There are states like Colorado that make it illegal to harvest rainwater. The first question is why the hell does the government need to regulate a person's ability to collect rainwater? If you live in Colorado, and you have land that is semi-remote and you collect the rain water, congratulations. You have become ungovernable. 

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Example rainwater collection system

     The idea is not to break the law. Acts of aggression and theft are not the point. The point is to live your life in such a manner as you see fit, in spite of the government, not with its permission. 

     Another example of becoming ungovernable is growing your own food. This is obvious if you think about it. You deny taxes to your local governance by harvesting your own food. For some though, this becomes unsustainable. Here is an example of a couple in Florida who was growing their own food in their front yard. New zoning laws (read local tyranny) made it illegal. They faced a $50 a day fine if they did not dig up their food. Becoming ungovernable in this situation would be to buy planters and grow lights and do it anyway in a garage, spare room, or in an enclosure built in your back yard. The government at any level has no right to tell you how to live and provide for yourself. 

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Example Front Yard Garden

     Another example is hunting. While wildlife preservation is an important aspect of ensuring there is enough to go around, the fees sometimes required for certain types of hunting can be outrageous depending on the state and game being hunted. If you purchase your own land, grow your own food, and gather your own water, you could harvest all the game you wanted. While I would counsel moderation to sustain the population, liberty means responsibility without being told what to do. 

     This is not an all exhaustive list obviously. Merely examples of how you can pursue your life, liberty, and property while being defiant to the over reach of government. Please leave your examples in the comments below. 

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